• New Client Special: $40. First time clients receive $15¬†off their first appointment. Referred by an existing client? Let us know, and they’ll receive $5 off their next massage too!
  • Refer a Friend: Refer a friend and they’ll receive a $15.00 first time client discount. You’ll also receive a $5.00 for letting them know. (Discount not valid with any other offers. $15 off regularly priced massage; $55.)
  • Massage and Sports Taping for Plantar Fasciitis: $30
  • * Inquire about Gift Certificates for Special Occasions.


Massage Pricing:


  • $40 – New Client
  • $55 – 60 minute massage. (Client’s choice between Sports/Deep¬†Tissue/Relaxation)
  • $75 – 90 minute massage.
  • Sports Taping for Shoulder/Wrist/Ankle/Low Back/Ribs $15 (usually lasts between 3-7 days)

Pricing for Chair Massage Events/Corporate Wellness Plans:
(see required minimums below)

Payment for Events or Corporate Wellness Plans can be made several different ways:

A. Host/Company pays hourly rate and accommodates as many people as possible during that time (see list below).

B. Host/Company splits hourly rate with employee. In this event, the cost would be $1 per minute (for example, Joan gets a 10 minute massage. Her company pays $5, and Joan pays $5). A minimum of 10, 10-minute massages is required to charge per minute.

C. Guest/Employee pays the full amount out of pocket. In the event of a Corporate Wellness Program, the company would allow employees to take an extra break during the day to relax and enjoy their massage.



Event Length:

2 hours = $100 (approx. Twelve 10-minute massages, or Eight 15-minute massages)

4 hours = $200 (approx. 24 10-minute massages, or 16 15-minute massages)

5 hours = $250 (approx. 30 10-minute massages, or 20 15-minute massages)

More than 5 hours, please call to discuss pricing options and discounts.


All Events must be booked a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the Event date. You choose the event date and time. We’re happy to come in early or late to accommodate 2nd and 3rd shift employees! We are also happy to discuss other options to accommodate your event or business!

Our therapist, Stephan Conlee, is licensed, insured, and nationally certified.