“I am also a massage therapist, and was recently very busy at work. After about my 5th massage, I was starting to really feel it…I wasn’t sure I’d be able to work the next day. So, I called up Stephan and he was able to fit me in last minute.  The work he did was amazing, and I felt so relieved afterwards! Better yet, I was able to go into work the next day, and didn’t miss a beat…or any money!”



“My shoulders and neck were so sore and painful, I was considering taking some time off work, andgoing on short-term dissability. I was really at my wits end, and then my daughter suggested I see Stephan for regular massage appointments. After only one appointment, I was feeling so much better! I couldn’t believe the difference it made! I used to think that massage was only a luxury for the rich, but it offered me so much relief, my mind has been changed! Now I see Stephan regularly, so I never end up in that painful situation again!”



“Conlee Massage Therapy & Wellness (our company name prior to Active-Recovery llc) is a wonderful place to go and receive a therapeutic massage. As a customer, I can vouch for the professionalism and knowledge that goes into each massage. I received many massages from them and each time I walk away feeling totally relaxed. The knots and kinks all worked out, I carry on with my week feeling like a million bucks.”

~Kim S.


“I was in terriffic pain and was missing work when I went to see Stephan. He determined exactly what muscles needed work and why, then he expertly executed his massage with that goal in mind. I felt like a new person. His knowledge and professionalism is unmatched. Truly the best there is.”

~Raine M.


“After walking downtown and shopping for a couple hours I needed to sit because my back just hurt too much. After Stephan taped me up I was able to go home, do yard work, and finish my day PAIN FREE! I highly recommend and will be back!” :)

~ Meagan P.